Google Education On Air

When Google decided to host a conference for international educators, they asked us (Left Field Labs) to redesign the online event platform we created. Taking the platform into its first two day event, we set out to create new functionality that would deepen engagement and drive the education conversation in real-time.

In addition to keynotes, Q&A’s, and live panels, we added the Unconference: 110 educator-lead live sessions on topics ranging from technology and software to instructional strategy for the future classroom. Attracting thousands of visitors from over 200 countries, and with a special appearance by First Lady Michelle Obama, the weekend conference demonstrated the state of innovation in modern education.

Personal Accomplishments: Assisted in programming the backend and frontend web application. Used tools such as AngularJS, Python, HTML and CSS. Wrote in CoffeeScript and Jade templating language. Also provided technical support for the live event. Monitored automated air times and made sure any technical problems were tended to.