Software engineer

Most recently at Marvel Studios as a Software Engineer. Helped engineer Guardians of The Galaxy: Vol 2, Spiderman: Homecoming and Thor: Ragnarok

Job accomplishments include:

Built and shipped internal camera asset manager which allows producers and editors to submit digital asset requests for camera footage. System also tracks and provides webhooks for system level events. Work closely with Pinewood Studios in Atlanta to help automate our camera pipeline. Develop tools to help streamline delivery to VFX vendors. Develop and maintain tools that interact with our Render Farm Management System. Develop Marvel Studios APIs and Databases to help track hundreds and thousands of beautiful images that flow in and out of Marvel Studios on a daily basis.  


VFX Digial Production Administrator

Worked with features department on a handful of block buster movies including: X-Men, Transformers, Ender's Game, Real Steel, Ironman 3, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Jack The Giant Slayer and lots more!

Job accomplishments include:

Worked closely with an assigned show on a daily basis in order to head off any technical problems that arisen and provided the highest level of support for the show. Helped debug all workstations and renderfarms, and was involved in all show specific meetings and departmental matters of communication.